Thanks to the Bethany Press team for sharing with the Bethany Family the new model of publishing that is emerging today. For the past 5 ½ years we have prayed for and wondered if there was a “new” expression of publishing Christian resources and a possible expansion of the historic “Business as Missions” model that was so much a part of Bethany’s heritage.
Then a few months ago, right after placing the Bible printing web press in Cambodia, things began to break loose. A Bethany Press associate and former missionary kid had breakthrough insights into a very simple digital print center model (though he has received some pretty complex revelation to get things simple). This led to a meeting with the Billion Soul Network leadership. It became clear that that there was a unique opportunity to serve the global church. For too long the direction of Christian publishing had been the “West to the rest.” Now it was time to bring the “best to the rest” – the whole church to the whole church. God seemed to say, “Now is the time.” Bethany Press has been given a thought and execution leadership window to serve. And it has been non-stop!!!
Equipment from the digital print center was shipped to Orlando, FL for the Synergize3 conference. Bethany’s innovations will be on stage and introduced to church leadership from around the world. BPI leadership is also going to meet for 1 ½ days with the leadership of the Billion Soul Network to explore and expand how we can serve the global church through these initiatives.

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